• Image of "The Quarry" LP (Electric Blue Vinyl)

The debut LP "The Quarry" out October 2018 on Mt. Crushmore Records.

1st Press
100 pressed on black vinyl (Sold out)
200 pressed on baby pink/aqua blue smoke (Sold Out)

2nd Press
200 on Electric Blue

1. Young Dionysians
2. Fever Dreams
3. Chips and Vics
4. Baggy
5. Silver Dollars
6. Layovers
7. Reverse
8. Accessory
9. A Lot From Me
10. Twenty Seven
11. The Quarry
12. Remember When

(All orders expected to ship on or before Oct. 19th, 2018. If production is pushed back due to pressing plant backup, customers will be notified)

Sold Out